Waukee High School 
555 SE University Ave., Waukee, IA 50263

Phone: 515.987.5163

Fax: 515.987.2784

Attendance Phone: 515.987.2781

WHS Activities Office

Phone: 515.987.2782

District Staff Directory


Title Name/Email Extension Blog
Principal Cary Justmann 2484 Justmann Blog
Associate Principal Judi Roland 2643 Roland Blog
Assistant Principal Nick Ross 2321 Ross Blog
Assistant Principal Gerald Hiesterman 2049 Hiesterman Blog 
Director of Waukee APEX Michelle Hill 2330 Hill Blog
Instructional Coach Charlie Folsom  2501 Folsom Blog
Instructional Coach Erica Beals 2164
Instructional Mentor Sheena Grove 2237


Title Name/Email Extension Blog
Student Services Specialist (students A-K) Theresa Best 2644 Counseling Blog
Student Services Specialist (students L-Z) Angela Hunt 2356
Counselor (A – C) Christian Grandgenett 2196 Counseling Blog
Counselor (D – Hoo) Jodi Vogt 6096 Counseling Blog
Counselor (Hop – Mek) Megan Curry 2322 Counseling Blog
Counselor  (Mel – Sch) Jason Sanders 6373 Counseling Blog
Counselor (Sci – Z) Beth Streit 2161 Counseling Blog
Literacy Interventionist Matt Pries 2461
Math Interventionist Carrie Manning 2661
English As A Second Language Katrina Lint 2606
English As A Second Language Jordan Ruiz 2169
Extended Learning Program Vicki McCarthy 8713 McCarthy Blog


Title Name/Email Extension Blog
Principal’s Secretary Pam Gehrls 2650
Student Services Secretary Jody Weller 2680
Attendance Secretary Ellen Wies 2685
Attendance Secretary Sarah Taylor 2685
Silver Cord Supervisor Sarah Paulsen 2651
Nurse Maggie Murillo 2673
Campus Monitor David Miller 2171
SRO Brian Murra 2615
Lunch Clerk hslunch@waukeeschools.org


Title Name/Email Extension Blog
Activities Director Jim Duea 2687
Activities Secretary Fran Wierson 2640
Activities Secretary Cathy Gray 2525


Title Name/Email Extension Blog
Director of APEX Michelle Hill 2330 Hill Blog
Business Development Manager Peg Armstrong-Gustafson
Education & Business Event Manager Anna Jordal 2537
Front Desk Concierge Desha Nielsen 2534
Architecture & Engineering Brian Cyr 2555
Designing Communication Solutions Russ Goerend 3228
Financial & Insurance Jesse Hunt 2663
Exploration of Health Sciences & Medicine Anne Boesen 2088
Medical & Bioscience Research/Exploration of Health Sciences & Medicine Holly Showalter 2083 Showalter Blog
Exploration of Exercise and Sport Science Andrew Briggs 2858 Briggs Blog
Exploration of Exercise and Sport Science Kathleen Sender 2291
Developing Web-Based Technologies Scott Palmer 2430 Palmer Blog
Animal & Veterinary Science/Global Foods/Exploration of Health Sciences & Medicine Cindy Snell 2431 Snell Blog
Next Generation Energy/Engineering Technology & Robotics/Business Startup Tyler Wright 2337 Wright Blog


Title Name/Email Extension Blog
Art Nathan Bailey 2206 Bailey Blog
Art Shelly Carlson 6800 Carlson Blog
Art Billy Patton 2391 Patton Blog
Art Paula Tomlinson 2214 Tomlinson Blog
Business/Computers Barb Ahrens 2361 Ahrens Blog
Business/Computers Chris Guess 2460 Guess Blog
Business/Computers Janelle Larson 2159 Larson Blog
Business/Computers Tim Murphy 2210 Murphy Blog
Business/Computers Justin Ohl 2043 Ohl Blog
Business/Computers Natalie Ross 2320 Ross Blog
Family Consumer Science Alyssa Amundson 2061 Amundson Blog
Family Consumer Science Yesenia Alvarez 2090 Alvarez Blog
Family Consumer Science Laura Calvert 8615 Calvert Blog
Family Consumer Science Dana Means 2813 Means Blog
Industrial Technology Mark Howsare 2482 Howsare Blog
Industrial Technology John Kotz 2211 Kotz Blog
Industrial Technology John Schulte 2323
Industrial Technology Kyle Strack 2145 Strack Blog
Language Arts Brian Christensen 2462 Christensen Blog
Language Arts Abbie Cortez 2141 Cortez Blog
Language Arts Danielle Farrell 2099 Farrell Blog
Language Arts Amanda Gaul 2366 Gaul Blog
Language Arts Ann Hanigan-Kotz 2363 Hanigan-Kotz Blog
Language Arts Laura Hoegh 3302 Hoegh Blog
Language Arts Angela Hogan 6794 Hogan Blog
Language Arts Kristin Jeschke 2364 Jeschke Blog
Language Arts Nathan Jorgensen 2362 Jorgensen Blog
Language Arts Kent Peterson 2602 Peterson Blog
Language Arts Jacki Pleggenkuhle 2308 Pleggenkuhle Blog
Language Arts Chad Vollmecke 2405 Vollmecke Blog
Language Arts Adam Werley 2404 Werley Blog
Language Arts Angela Youngers 2339 Youngers Blog
Language Arts Sarah Zavoral 2614 Zavoral Blog
Language Arts Eliana Johnson 2657 Johnson Blog
Library Linda Kirkland 2360 Kirkland Blog
Mathematics Carly Cairo 2142 Cairo Blog
Mathematics Jordan Edgerly 2192 Edgerly Blog
Mathematics David Dirkx 2096 Dirkx Blog
Mathematics Natalie Felt 2601 Felt Blog
Mathematics Herbert Hartman 2834 Hartman Blog
Mathematics Stephanie Groathouse 2464 Groathouse Blog
Mathematics Allen Jones 2600 Jones Blog
Mathematics Andy Pals 2463 Pals Blog
Mathematics Sarah Peters 2304 Peters Blog
Mathematics Neil Seeley 2140 Precalc Blog
Mathematics Cole Van Vark 2332 VanVark Blog
Mathematics Caitlin Westcott 2611 Westcott Blog
Mathematics Jay Winter 2335 Winter Blog
Mathematics Ashton Yossi 2698 Yossi Blog
School-to-Work Scott Carlson 2408 STW Blog
School-to-Work Mindi Heitland 2402 STW Blog
Science Alyson Bechtum 2282 Bechtum Blog
Science Dan Briggs 2504 Briggs Blog
Science Amber Fairbanks 2560 Fairbanks Blog
Science Steven Frist 2427
Science Jena Kline 2812 Kline Blog
Science Mike Irvine 2562 Irvine Blog
Science Angie Jenkins 2576
Science Haley Lieber 2582 Lieber Blog
Science Scott Moran 2590
Science Dorrie Nichols 2152 Nichols Blog
Science Melanie Rippin 2224 Rippin Blog
Science Stephanie Schemmel 2493 Schemmel Blog
Science Christina Schmitt-Loyd 2667
Science Michael Yeoman 2635
Special Education Paul Bird 2439 Bird Blog
Special Education Kim Casey 2254
Special Education Kaitlin Courtney 2621
Special Education Kris Dykstra 2605 Dykstra Blog
Special Education Hillary Faber 6797 Faber Blog
Special Education Kris Hoeppner 2225
Special Education Paris Ches 2297 Ches Blog
Special Education Amy Llewellyn 2604 Llewellyn Blog
Special Education Blair Winter 2488
Special Education Amy Snowden 2410
Special Education Courtney Phillips 2491
Special Education Jenny Thompson 2113
Special Education Allison Vanlier-Johnson 2467
Social Studies Sheri Guess 2564 Guess Blog
Social Studies Melissa Harmeyer 2240 Harmeyer Blog
Social Studies Hannah Joslin 2626 Joslin Blog
Social Studies Charles Kannapel 2294 Kannapel Blog
Social Studies Corey Kopatich 2150 Kopatich Blog
Social Studies Trevor Mickelson 2163 Mickelson Blog
Social Studies Aaron Savage 2261 Savage Blog
Social Studies Tatum Starcevich 2414 Starcevich Blog
Social Studies Aaron Wies 2465 Wies Blog
Social Studies Gary Clark 2264 Clark Blog
Social Studies Jessica Savage 2133 Savage Blog
Physical Education/Health Kevin Kanaskie 2627 Kanaskie Blog
Physical Education/Health Jay Dahl 2093 Dahl Blog
Physical Education/Health Brent Heitland 2253 Heitland Blog
Physical Education/Health Kathleen Sender 2291 Sender Blog
Physical Education/Health Jen Slauson 2252 Slauson Blog
Physical Education/Health Marty Sullivan 2256 Sullivan Blog
Vocal/Instrumental Music Jeff Knutson 2580 Knutson Blog
Vocal/Instrumental Music Kathryn Mosiman 2384 Mosiman Blog
Vocal/Instrumental Music Jeff Patterson 2125
Vocal/Instrumental Music Chris Strohmaier 2415 Strohmaier Blog
World Language Heidi Bibler 2089 Bibler Blog
World Language Shelly Boley 2500 Boley Blog
World Language Steve Bossenberger 2008 Bossenberger Blog
World Language Tammy Getting 2566 Getting Blog
World Language Emily Orna 2388 Orna Blog
World Language Joy Smith 2495 Smith Blog
World Language Tracy Spackman 2057 Spackman Blog
World Language Stacie McEniry 2565 McEniry Blog
World Language Emily Riedl 2856 Riedl Blog